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Who we are… Pocketwater Fly Fishing, LLC is a Denver based fly fishing guide service offering access to some of Colorado’s best private and remote water. Our focus is the overall experience, providing solitude that can’t be obtained on many of the public’s rivers and streams. In other words, we do our best to avoid the crowds! Since our base is located in Denver, most of our trips are throughout central Colorado, but with advanced planning, we can cover other parts of the state. What differentiates us… What differentiates us is an assurance to you that’s hard to find elsewhere. All too often, trips are scheduled, but when that day approaches, conditions are found to be suboptimal (i.e. extremely high or low river flows), leaving your experience less than expected. Most guide shops operate on a strict ‘rain or shine’ policy which includes these conditions. Prior to your trip, we’ll monitor fishing conditions on your reserved water and inform you should those conditions fall outside the optimal range. If less than optimal, we’ll do our best to modify the trip at your discretion. Whereas there are no guarantees with fishing, our goal is to make this your best experience ever, with safety our highest priority and revenues our lowest. Meeting your needs… Whether you are a novice wanting to learn or an experienced fly fisher, we look forward to creating what we hope to be your best memories ever! Your first trout. Your biggest trout. An overdue reprieve from life’s stresses. A reconnect with nature. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help.

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